Compass Invention - Early Chinese Magnetic Compass

Compass may look like a simple instrument but its influence on the history of the world is immeasurable. It allowed us to leave the shores and sail the open seas without the fear of being lost and with that get to know our world better.

Picture Of Compass Rose Carved Into The Rock

History of Compass

Compass is one of the most important early inventions. It enabled more complex navigation that didn’t rely on the sun and the visible fixed points on the coast which in turn enabled transoceanic travels and more precise map making.

Picture Of Green Compass

How Compass is made?

Compass is a simple instrument and it can be made in the house with a sewing needle, cork, magnet and glass of water. More precise instrument is made in fabrics and much more carefully because human lives can depend on it.

Picture Of Compass For Direction
Picture Of Compass And Map Reading