Gunpowder Invention - Gunpowder in China

Gunpowder was discovered by chance and although it did more harm than good we cannot ignore magnitude by which it affected the human race. As probably all inventions it was used for good and for bad. Learn about Chinese gunpowder invention.

Picture Of Illustration Of Fire Birds In Wujing Zongyao

History of Gunpowder

Gunpowder is on of great inventions that had a great impact on the history of the world in both negative and positive ways. It was used in weapons and was a fuel of many conquests but it was also used in fireworks and civil engineering.

Picture Of Formula For Gunpowder In Wujing Zongyao Part 1 Vol 12

How Gunpowder is made?

When the gunpowder was first invented, its ingredients were mystery and a closely guarded secret of national importance. Today, they are public knowledge but that does not make gunpowder any less dangerous.

Picture Of Matchlock Firearms Of Chinese Ming Dynasty
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