Papermaking History - Chinese Paper Invention

Invention of paper allowed for ideas to be more easily remembered for future generations and not to disappear or be deformed in a form of oral tradition. It replaced many less convenient materials for writing as stone, leather, wax, papyrus and bamboo. Read all about Chinese papermaking.

Picture Of First Major Step In Chinese Papermaking Outlined By Cai Lun In Ad 105

History of Papermaking

Paper is one of the most important inventions to this day. Without paper we would not have education on the level that we have it today, we would not literature, information flow nor many other inventions that make our life easier.

Picture Of Old Printed Book

How Paper is Made?

Production of the paper, although it advanced in time, didn’t change too much from the basic principle of how it was made some 2000 years before. Similar materials are used and machines are used for its production instead of hands.

Picture of Old Ragged Paper
Picture of Aged Paper